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Bonus features:

  1. My podcast, Strange Stories with Phillip Carter, is also attached to this newsletter. I find writers, comedians, scientists and other smart people and shake them until clever anecdotes and laughter falls out. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Coincidentally, I’m also a radio host. I have my own show on on Monday evenings. If I get any snippits from that, I’ll link them here too. I have big plans.

  3. Some of the content that is ‘early access’ on my Patreon will eventually find its way here upon the public release.

  4. Occassionally I will write posts with a guest. These will be humorous or educational (sometimes both) collaborations, and some might be interviews for podcast guests who weren’t up to being recorded on film.

  5. Prizes will somehow be integrated into this newsletter eventually. Why? Because it’s fun.

Thanks for looking. Hopefully I’ll see you soon!