Feb 13, 2023

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Who Built The Humans?

Who Built The Humans? is a new genre of hilarious and mindbending literature, a Novelthology comprised of 47 interlocking parts set across 11 distinct universes. The stories within range from existential to darkly comedic, and thanks to its unique structure, the book can be read again and again in any order. It’s a multiverse you can carry in a bag.

You can get a signed copy on Etsy, or by signing up to my Founder’s Subscription (no returns accepted, as they’ll be signed, obviously).



A comedic book about living with synaesthesia in a world which doesn’t understand the condition. This book mixes science, autobiography and comedy in ways previously unknown to science. The goal: to give you, dear reader, a software download of Synaesthesia you can use at home. It’s a lofty goal, but if you know me you won’t be surprised.

Crowdfunding launches March 2023. People who pay the yearly subscription here can get early access to the eBook, and their subscriptions will be counted toward the total money raised on the official Crowdfundr page.

Seven Stories about Time Travel

Part of the SevenStoriesSeries, this book focuses on the nature of time and its effects on travellers. This book should arrive by August 2023, just in time for a time travel themed Edinburgh Fringe appearance.