The Phillip Carter Show

A comedian, an author, and a poet walk into a bar. What happens next is unscripted. Emails only when new guests or episodes are announced.

Your ideal future guestHey everyone, I’ve got some interesting guests lined up for the talk show, and trying to find a way to get a proper studio up and running too. B…
Finger breaking chess robots, or 'What I did in November'Listen now (14 min) | A big list of all the cool stuff I got up to.
Short Time Travel comedy - TARDIGRADEListen now (19 min) | You can read the text version here
TARDIGRADE - A comedic time travel shortListen now (15 min) | Read the story here
an entire talk show episode
Introducing my newsletter and talking briefly of many thingsListen now (11 min) | I have realised that I can directly record audio to substack, which is nice, but doesn't allow for the same range that ANCHOR does…
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